Nearly five years ago, SOLDIER 1st Class Zack Forester went on a routine mission with his best friend, Cadet Cloud Strife, and his commanding officer, the mysterious and powerful General Sephiroth. The mission was to investigate the reports of monster attacks near Cloud's home town of Nibelheim.

The mission ended up being anything but routine. Within the bowels of the Mako reactor at Mt. Nibel, they discovered that their employers, the Shinra, were keeping an alien specimen called Jenova, and that, with Jenova and the Planet energy source of Mako, they had been performing experiments on humans. After this discovery, Sephiroth slowly went insane. A week of studying the scientific research kept in the laboratories in the basement of the Shinra mansion led Sephiroth to believe that he was Jenova's offspring. He came to the conclusion that he was not human, but rather a higher life form created by Jenova, and in a fit of vengance against humanity, he reduced the small town of Nibelheim to a smoldering pile of ashes.

Cloud, nearly blind with grief and rage at losing his family and hometown, was able to stop Sephiroth by throwing him into the raw Mako at the reactor, but not before Sephiroth had mortally wounded both him and Zack.

But Cloud and Zack didn't die. Instead, a fate worse than death awaited them. Captured by the mad Shinra scientist Hojo, they were kept as specimens for his continuing Jenova and Mako experiments.

Five years have passed. Zack and Cloud have been unable to escape Hojo's insane clutches. And as the mysterious Jenova experiments begin to destroy Cloud's mind, Zack knows that they must escape soon, for time is running out for his friend...


All But Blood



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Chapter Five (Coming Soon)


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