6,000 years ago in ancient Babylon, there were seven demon brothers known as the Utukki. Ki, the youngest and most mischievous of these seven brothers, was sealed away by the goddess Ishtar after committing a horrendous crime against his eldest brother.

But Ki left behind a human lover -- a priestess of Ishtar named Kulitta, who was less than pleased when her true love was stolen from her forever. Overcome with grief and fury, she broke her ties to the goddess and vowed to break the seal and get her demon lover back, no matter how long it took, or what the cost might be to herself... or to humanity.

6,000 years have passed. Kulitta is finally ready to revive her demon lover.

There are, unbeknownst to Kulitta, several people who strongly object to resurrecting the ancient Utukki.

Most especially, the demon himself, who is no longer the creature he once was...

Chapter One
A Madness Most Discreet

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Chapter Two
Distant Echoes

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Guest Omake
by Shannon Deonier
Krista's Birthday Present
by P-Chan