Gifts from readers and friends! Click on the thumbnail in the left column to view the entire picture.


ShadowsMyst, the webcomic artist behind Shifters, sent us this gorgeous pic of Ki. ^.^
A beautifully detailed graphite drawing of Ki by Becca Fischer.
Pascalle at Zap! sent this to us to celebrate the end of Utukki's hiatus. Thanks!
The Rah-Bop sent us this gorgeous pic of Ki... I only wish I could draw his wings like that!
Robin Meyer of Mixed Myth fame drew this lovely (and hilarious) pic of Ki being visited by the bluebird of happiness (and a few dozen frends). ^_^
We received three beautiful pieces from Nicole Wehmann. Be sure to check out her extensive art gallery!
Nicole Wehmann's portrait of Tristan.
Nicole Wehmann's portrait of Ki..
Amy Hurst sent us this pic of a recently unsealed Ki looking rather befuddled. ^_^
A cool pencil sketch of Sealed Ki, by Meru-Chan.
And a cute li'l Ki Sprite, also by Meru-Chan. ^_^
This is a gift from Celelorien, showing Erik... uh... Ki's... dual nature. ^_^
Another gift from Celelorien, depicting a melancholy Ki.
And this one is from Kendrah! Cute, no? Chibi sealed demon.
Mandi sent us this hilarious pic in which Namtar discovers that there is, indeed, a fate worse than duct tape. ^_^
The best thing about this one is Jason's expression! So in character, it's scary. Some of you will recognize the distinctive artsyle of Caroline Parkinson, the creator of Blackthorn.

pOnju sent is this picture, which features Brittany and Namtar with Linna and Porkchop, the stars of "Piggy Hunter." Just don't let Linna kiss the rat. Who knows what might happen.

This one is also by pOnju. We like it.
This is a mystery piece. It came to us without name or working email address, so if it's yours and you would like credit for us, please let us know.


All of these are displayed roughly in the order that we received them. We really want to thank everyone who's contributed to this page.

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