The main focus of the story is Erik. Aint'e cute?

Erik lives in Colorado Springs. He does all right in school and sports, but he'd rather spend time working on his music. He's been playing the guitar since he was nine, and he has a rich and godlike voice that has attracted the attention of several admirers. He's a little intimidated by that fact, and getting him to perform in public these days takes just the right kind of persuasion. He did agree (under protest) to be the lead in the upcoming school play. Just goes to show you that nice guys can be talked into almost anything.

Erik's best friend growing up was Melody. They are about the same age, and have been neighbors for as long as either of them can remember. Mel likes horror films, classic literature, and martial arts. She and Erik are in a lot of the same classes, and still spend a lot of time together, though their relationship (much to the disgust of Erik's younger brother Jason) has been developing into something a little deeper than friendship for the last couple of years.
This is Brittany. She's seventeen, is a senior in high school and lives in Bakersfield California with her mother, father, and pet ... something. If you ask anyone at her school, they'll describe her as confident, intelligent, and well liked. It's strange that these same students and teachers can't seem to tell you who her close friends are. It's strange that they know she's gone to all the dances, but they can't seem to remember with whom.

Like a lot of girls her age, Brittany has a secret. Unlike most girls her age, it's not one that her guidance counselor has ever heard of before.

Jason is Erik's younger brother, and, as a freshman in high school, is as outgoing and exuberant as his older brother is quiet and reserved. In spite of their 2-year age difference, and their almost diametrically opposite personalities, Jason and Erik get along surprisingly well for teenage siblings. They sometimes have their disagreements, sure, but it's not anything a full body-slam wrestling match can't solve.

Jason is enough of his own person that, though he really admires his older brother, it could never be said that he lives in Erik's shadow. His hobbies are diverse, but he especially likes extreme sports. He recently proclaimed that his lifetime goal is to appear in a Mountain Dew commercial.

Tristan's close friend Mel once described her as "a freak combination of 1st season Mulder and Scully." As the daughter of a folklore and mythology university professor father, and a self-proclaimed psychic mother, Tristan is well-versed in all things strange and supernatural. She doesn't, however, believe a word of it... though she does find it all very fascinating from a purely humanistic and social point of view.

Tristan used to hang out with Mel and Erik a lot while they were growing up, but recently she's been feeling like a bit of a third wheel since she walked in on Erik and Mel when Erik was obviously and awkwardly trying to get up his nerve to kiss Mel... and visa versa. Tristan is not against them pairing up -- in fact, she thinks they're a cute couple -- but what's a girl to do when her two best friends start getting all mushy on her?

Namtar is the Babylonian god of death and disease. He has a fondness for pop culture and bad jokes.

He is also currently helping Ishtar's former priestess free her sealed Utukki lover for reasons known only to himself.

According to the Encyclopedia Mythica, Utnapishtim is "a wise king and priest of Shurrupak... and his name is usually translated as He Who Saw Life." Appropriate, since he is immortal. Gilgamesh once asked him for the secret of immortality, and Utnapishtim proceeded to tell him a tale so incredibly long and boring that Gilgamesh lost interest and fell asleep. He is also known for surviving the ancient flood and preserving humanity.

Utnapishtim currently lives in New York City with his immortal philanthropist wife, and goes by the name of Noah Alder. He enjoys spending time in a quaint old bookstore that he owns.

Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and war. She is also half-sister to the seven Utukki. She sealed Ki, the youngest Utukki, in one of her temples after he killed his eldest brother, Gallu.

She is currently residing in New York City, masquerading as her human incarnation Siduri, the divine wine-maker and brewer, and runs a thriving tavern.

Ki is the youngest of the seven Utukki. Before he was sealed, he was known for being the most mischievous of the brothers.

Deities of Ancient Mesopotamia:

(Some liberties taken for this story)

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